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Frank Zappa's Bob Harris and Tommy Mars join forces with Rod Stewart/Joe Bonamassa drummer Tal Bergman and guitarist Jonathan Hayes to form the All Star Seinfeld Inspired Jam Band "Strange Mutant Funk", whose collaboration "Love Medication" was recorded to raise money for the Colorado School of Rock's OPERATION: WOUNDED WARRIOR MUSIC PROGRAM. All donation amounts are greatly appreciated. I need your help to expand our programs. Please feel free to call Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm (MST); we welcome your comments and contributions. We accept checks, money orders and equipment donations payable to: Colorado School of Rock Inc. We are a Non-Profit Corporation and 501(c)3 compliant. Colorado School of Rock Inc. P.O. Box 72, Gardner, Colorado 81040. 719.746.3050.


After recording and performing for two decades with the likes of Steve Vai, Ray Charles, Little Richard, Tower of Power and Robert Fripp, the techo time is right for us to AUDIO-VOLVE. In honor of Motowns' 50th Anniversary I have put together the GOTOWN ROCK and SOUL REVUE. Gotown is a digitally produced representation of the Motown 70s R&B Sound using music supercomputers and keyboard sequencers. It is the next generation of hybrid live performance. The Motown 70s Funk Rock and Soul campaign is proving to be a huge draw everywhere the band performs. From Janis and Tina to the Stones and James Brown, Gotown is one of the only bands that can do it all. Every song is someones favorite song. Ray Charles told me many times "son, just keep'em dancin' and everything will be all right". Use the music player provided on this page to hear the GOTOWN five song MP3 demo. What you hear is what you get live on stage. The GOTOWN ROCK & SOUL REVUE is the sonic future of live performance.

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