GOTOWN – About


GOTOWN ROCK and SOUL REVUE is the next generation of hybrid live performance.  The bands pristine sound quality is a mix of the digital sound revolution crossbred with the energy of stellar musicians tearin’ it up on stage.  GOTOWN is a digitally produced sonic representation of the Motown 70’s Soul sound using music supercomputers and keyboard sequencers.  This new sound is a collaboration of bassist Jac Mihanovic and vocalist, wind-synth artist Paula Compton.

Compton’s soulful vocals reminiscent of Janis Joplin combined with Mihanovic’s bass and keyboard synthesizer prowess, give GOTOWN that 20-piece band feel.  Compton also plays the WX Wind Controller, a space age electric horn that produces any sound imaginable.  She also has brilliant Flute tone and technique.  The show is presented in digital stereo surround sound and features incredible sound effects. GOTOWN fans say it all the time: “That’s the music I grew up on. Those songs make me want to get up and dance.”