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OPERATION: WOUNDED WARRIOR MUSIC PROGRAM. COLORADO SCHOOL OF ROCK BAND DEBUT CD “BOOTS ON THE GROUND”. Bonus tracks “Love Medication” featuring Frank Zappa Superstars Bob Harris, Tommy Mars and Suzannah Harris, Joe Bonamassa-Rob Stewart-LL Cool J-Chaka Kahn Drummer Tal Bergman, Steve Vai-Robert Fripp-Ray Charles Bassist Jac Mihanovic. “I am a Train” Colorado School of Rock Kids Band. Plus “Medicina De Amor” en espanol.

Purchase .99 cent song downloads or the entire album at iTunes and Amazon. Band Search “Wounded Warrior Band”(aka – Wounded Warrior Music Program), song title “Boots on the Ground”. Thanks for your support!  Our office is always open, call us if you need help 1.719.746.3050. 

The Wounded Warrior Music Program is designed to help our men and women returning from the middle east re-enter civilian life. Music is an extremely effective management tool treating a wide variety of concerns, as well as defusing THE POST TRAMATIC STRESS OF COMBAT. Sgt. guitarist Joe Stone adds “After the first rehearsal I immediately felt better”. The CSR “Fast Track to Success” method, WOW! We wrote a song and played it the first day, I feel like a star. Music is the only thing that’s keeping me going right now. Music is my best friend. It’s better than any medication, counseling or group therapy I’ve tryed for the PTSD that used to dominate and consume my life”.

The Colorado School of Rock, Inc. is a non-profit corporation. President and founder Jac Mihanovic is an award winning bassist whose recording and performance credits include Ray Charles, Little Richard, Tower of Power, Steve Vai and Robert Fripp just to name a few. Paula Compton brings thirty years advertising, teaching and performing experience to the campaign.

Phase One of the WW music curriculum teaches our student soldiers to play an instrument, write songs, play in a band and reestablish group comradery. Even if a soldier has never played an instrument or sang a song, we will have him/her playing a song on stage with a band by the end of day one.

Phase Two consists of recording their music to share with others in our state of the art mobile production studio. We show them how to prepare computer artwork for the CD cover as well as how to promote and market their new product.

Phase Three of the WW music program is to train the stateside warriors to teach this new program to other soldiers at military installations across the United States.

The Colorado School of Rock Wounded Warrior Music Program will work miracles. We have seen it first hand in our Colorado Schools and VA Hospitals. This is a public relations gold mine tailor made to garner nationwide support for the US Military. Be a hero again and help us make this a reality.

Start-up procedure and music program curriculum available upon request.

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