About Jac


Bassist Jac Mihanovic, a graduate of the prestigious Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood California, went on to record and perform with music superstars Steve Vai, Ray Charles, Little Richard, Tower of Power, Taj Mahal and Robert Fripp.  Ray Charles would constantly remind Jac that the Bass is the foundation.  Ray would say “Bass…you got to protect the groove with your life, you the rock, man.”  Jacs’ extensive television and movie credits include Conan O’Brien and the MTV video for the Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Devito movie “Twins” with Little Richard and Earth, Wind and Fires’ Philip Bailey.  While working on the set Jac made sure to stay close to the very Reverend Little Richard.  He stressed the importance of a spiritual foundation, especially for a young upstart like Jac.  Little Richard said “you got to take care of your soul to keep the rock rollin’ good God yall.”  This was the second time rock and soul had been referenced to Jac from the mystical universe.  That is what Jacs’ new group is all about.  Gotown Rock and Soul Revue celebrates the preservation of Motown 70’s R&B and the spirit of American Dance Music.

Mihanovic and Compton are currently recording their debut CD featuring Frank Zappa keyboard virtuoso Tommy Mars and long time writing partner guitarist Johnny Hayes.  Jac and Paula are also launching the Colorado School of Rock, Inc. Live on Line as part of the save music in our schools movement.