Colorado School of Rock Inc., a non-profit Corp.

The Colorado School of Rock was originally formed as an after school music program at a local high school. The Colorado School of Rock is a non-profit corporation created to fill the void left by state and federal budget cuts. Our students band “FOOD” completed their debut CD “Eat the Mic”. Food is one of the few school rock bands that feature original music. Jac and Paula will be posting videos of live performances, photos taken in the studio, personal insight from the kids with their lyrics.

The Colorado School of Rock has a DVD tutorial disc system available to Public and Private Schools. The curriculum is largely based on original song composition. The tutorial disc system will be used by teachers to augment their existing music program.

The Colorado School of Rock, Inc. expanded the instruction DVD system to include a web cam “live on line” program with our staff.


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Colorado School of Rock, Inc.

Jac and I are video taping the DVD companion disc series for music teachers.  We have had alot of interest from many schools and look forward to working with everyone.  Many details coming soon.  As always feel free to give us a call.  Jac and Paula

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